How we hire for Customer Experience Group roles at Agoda

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The Customer Experience Group is one of our biggest teams, consisting of people across different regions and locations. Providing real-time help in 38 languages around the clock, we understand that a quick phone call and a few taps on a keyboard might make all the difference in the world to Agoda customers in the middle of travel far from home.

We look at our Customers’ and Partners’ experiences in a full spectrum and collaborate to provide support to our stakeholders in the most efficient way.

Here, you’ll find all you need to know about how we hire for the CEG team at Agoda.

Watch the video as Lola and Eleonora walk you through all you need to know about CEG application 

What is CEG?

The Customer Experience Group (CEG) is one of the biggest departments in Agoda. Our main purpose is to provide peace of mind for customers and partners by supporting them when they need us. CEG includes many different functions, from operations–being the ones in direct contact with our customers and partners–to enabler teams.

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The application process

1. Visit our career website and read the job description carefully. Check if your experience and skills meet our requirements, see if the job scope matches your expectations, and make sure you’re comfortable with the location. If all the boxes are ticked, click apply to submit your resume.

2. The recruitment team will review your application, and If your profile matches the job requirements, you will receive an e-mail to select a suitable time slot for the initial 15-30 minutes call with the recruiter.

3. Screening test(s). General ability and personality tests are for all applicants and a language assessment for the Customer Experience roles. Additional analytical tests will be required for a technical position. If you reach the passmark, our recruiter will present your profile to the hiring manager for review.

4. For entry level vacancies, there will be two rounds of interviews that take no longer than an hour each. For senior roles, there might be more rounds. If you apply for a more senior role, you may be required to solve a case study or run a presentation during the final interview. We will provide you with all the materials you need to research and prepare well for the interview day.

Once everything is done, we will inform you about the decision as soon as possible.

What kind of questions can you expect to be asked?

We will ask about your understanding of the role, your skills, and your experience. There will be behavioral and situational questions to demonstrate your thought process, such as “Can you tell me about a difficult situation you had to deal with, and what did you do to solve it?”

Some of our questions would be to understand your views on Agoda culture: how you take ownership, work with data, experiment and measure. Or what’s your motivation to join, such as “Why Agoda?,” “What attracted you the most from the job description?”

Some key skills Agoda is looking for

It would be great if you have precise and professional communication skills as well as good problem solving and decision-making skills. We want you to be able to adapt and be flexible, and know how to manage your time. Last but not least, we are a data-driven company, so we would want you to be comfortable working with data.

A few tips to stand out in the process

  • Do some research around the company and our culture.
  • Be mindful of the time in each interview and provide answers that are relevant to the job you have applied for.
  • Give enough detail but keep it concise.

What growth looks like in CEG

At Agoda, we are supportive when it comes to internal career development. But everyone’s interests are different, we encourage you to take ownership and try to find your career plan. Your manager will play a big role in supporting you through the journey.

And that’s how we hire for CEG roles at Agoda. If you’re interested in joining us, visit our career website for more information. Looking forward to having you on the team!

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