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Travel can come along with unforeseen bumps in the road. That’s where Agoda’s Customer Experience Group comes in. Our multi-lingual support teams are here to resolve traveler queries with empathy and efficiency, making us a trusted travel companion that customers can always rely on.    

The Customer Service Department encompasses a broad spectrum of roles. From Customer Experience Specialist Agents who manage inquiries with a warm touch to Accommodation Services Specialists who ensure our hotel partners are lined up to deliver smiles, our roles are as diverse as the travelers we assist. Project Managers and Data Analysts work behind the scenes, diligently improving the nuts and bolts of our processes so that every interaction is efficiently and timely delivered.   

No matter the time zone or language, the Customer Experience Group aims to provide our customers and partners peace of mind when they need us.  


Discover life at the Customer Service Team at Agoda  

Adapting work for life: Embracing flexibility at Agoda

Agoda’s Customer Service Team is dedicated to offering unwavering support and ensuring peace of mind for customers and partners when and where they need us. At Agoda, we understand the importance of balancing this 24/7 reachability of customer support with the well-being of our team.

That’s why we’ve adopted a hybrid work schedule, where our shift-based customer service agents enjoy the fluidity of working from the office for one week every two months, ensuring continuous coverage without compromising personal well-being. This flexible system is a nod to our innovative workplace culture, tailored to fit the evolving needs of our diverse workforce.   

Alternatively, non-shift employees in the department enjoy the benefits of a hybrid work model consistent with the broader company. The teams come into the office two days weekly to maintain collaboration and team connectivity while embracing the autonomy of remote work.  

“We are in the business of building connections; our Customer Experience Group is at the forefront, embodying Agoda’s mission to “bridge the world through travel” with every interaction, ensuring you feel supported, understood, and valued, no matter where your travels take you.”  

  Devi Stella, Regional Customer Service Manager

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Building the foundations for success

At Agoda’s Customer Experience Group, foundational training and continuous professional development are at the helm of our employee growth. New recruits are welcomed with comprehensive onboarding featuring immersive classroom lessons and hands-on practices. A mentorship-driven “nesting” period with seasoned peers ensures a deep understanding of our customer-centric approach, underscoring our best practice standards.  

Customer service agents who complete the training are not just answering calls; they are equipped to turn customer challenges into positive travel experiences. Team Managers continue to offer unwavering support and further upskilling opportunities, bolstered by the Learning & Development team, to help them grow their careers.  

 This approach reflects Agoda’s dedication to nurturing employee growth and maintaining the highest customer experience standards, cultivating a knowledge-sharing culture that benefits employees and travelers worldwide.  

Read about employee’s experiences growing in the Customer Service Team here:   

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Fostering career growth with an open dialogue

 Here at Agoda, we take our knowledge-sharing sessions seriously! Knowing that the best service comes from the best-skilled teams, we foster an environment that champions professional development at every turn. Through initiatives like the CEG Leaders Site Visit, leaders and teams from across the globe—whether agents on the frontlines or project managers orchestrating operations—come together to swap stories, share expertise, and connect professionally and personally. 


Open Door and Ask Me Anything sessions are held monthly or quarterly by our senior leaders. These open forums go hand-in-hand with our flat organizational structure, inviting Agodans across the department to voice their concerns and satisfy their curiosities. Along with this, we host a monthly town hall, CEG Connect, where the senior leadership peels back the curtains and provides updates to ensure that every voice can be heard and every question addressed.   


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These practices are pivotal for development, nurturing leadership skills, and ensuring that no team member—regardless of location—is left out of the loop.   

Building bonds and strengthening team spirit

From quarterly team-building activities to offside retreats, we work hard and play hard, too.    

The Agoda Customer Experience Group enjoys three main annual events, including the Annual Dinner, Sports Day, and Year-End Social, which allows us to unwind, connect, and celebrate our hard work. These gatherings cater to international and local festivities, featuring great food, games, healthy competition, and, of course, fantastic prizes. As travel experts, we have a deep appreciation for the communities that surround us and prioritize making a positive impact through volunteering initiatives. 

“The breadth of our celebrations at Agoda mirrors our team’s diversity, creating a vibrant, engaging, and uniquely extraordinary culture.”

–  Gael Secardin, Senior Change Enablement Lead

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Dive into the world of Agoda’s Customer Experience Group, where every day is a chance to improve someone’s travel experience. If you’re excited to be a part of a customer-focused environment and ready to bridge the world through travel, we want to hear from you.     

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