Inside the Agoda Kuala Lumpur Offices

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In the heart of the Malaysian capital, the Agoda Kuala Lumpur offices show us how diverse cultures, innovation, and a shared passion for travel can create an inspiring workplace environment.

In this article, you’ll discover: 

  • The unique work environment and cultural diversity at Agoda Kuala Lumpur 
  • Insights into team building, celebrations, and community service opportunities enjoyed by Agodans 
  • A tour of the office spaces at The Exchange 106 and Mid Valley City 

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Life at Agoda Kuala Lumpur 

With its mix of Malay, Chinese, Indian, and expatriate communities, the diversity of Malaysia’s capital is reflected in the culture at Agoda’s Kuala Lumpur offices. From the vibrant festivities of Lunar New Year, Christmas, and Diwali to the communal spirit of Hari Raya, these celebrations are more than just events—they reflect our global identity and commitment to embracing different cultures. 

Of course, we can’t forget about Agodafest, our beloved annual staff party that’s known for great food, music, prizes, and more.

Wellness Day at Agoda Malaysia focuses on enhancing well-being through yoga and mindfulness, promoting a balanced lifestyle for a refreshed and engaged team. Agoda Kuala Lumpur Wellness Day

We are deeply committed to making a positive impact, volunteering with organizations like Taman Tugu Forest Park and the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). These initiatives reflect our belief in the power of collective action to foster change in the world around us.
Agoda Kuala Lumpur volunteering

Meet our teams in Kuala Lumpur 

This office is one of the main hubs for our Supply, Tech, People, and Customer Experience Group (CEG) teams.

The Supply team maintains a vast inventory of accommodations. They work diligently to establish and foster relationships with hotel partners, ensuring Agoda customers have access to the best deals. The Tech team is the driving force behind Agoda’s technological advancements, this team is redefining travel tech with cutting-edge booking platforms and AI-driven solutions. The People team is focused on nurturing Agoda’s most valuable asset – our employees. They ensure a thriving work environment and opportunities for growth.

The Customer Experience Group (CEG) team is the cornerstone of our commitment to delivering exceptional service. This dedicated team is at the forefront of our efforts to ensure that every traveler’s journey is enriched with personalized support.

With diverse professionals from various cultural and professional backgrounds, the CEG team provides tailored travel solutions to our customers. They create meaningful connections, understand diverse traveler needs, and foster an inclusive environment that makes travel easy and enjoyable. 

“Our Customer Experience Group in Kuala Lumpur embodies Agoda’s commitment to providing travelers with peace of mind at every interaction. Our dedication ensures our customers’ journeys are more than trips, but bridges to new discovery.”
– Gauri Vicknasvaran (Senior Director, Customer Experience Group)

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Colors of creativity: Our office spaces 

Agoda’s Kuala Lumpur presence is distinguished by two iconic locations: Menara Exchange 106 and Menara Southpoint.

At The Exchange 106, employees enjoy a relaxation room, cinema room, nap pods, ping pong table, and even scooters, blending work with playful relaxation. The office’s strategic position, linked to The Exchange TRX mall, allows easy access via MRT Tun Razak Exchange station. Check out Agoda Kuala Lumpur Menera Exchange 106 office here. 

Our Mid Valley Office is a part of the bustling Mid Valley City. With amenities like a gym corner, video game area, nap room, relaxation room, and nursing room, the office supports diverse activities with agile workspaces, huddle spaces, breakout corners, and uniquely designed pantries. 

Highlights of this space include a travel-themed mural by a local artist and recreational spaces with gaming corners, massage chairs, punching bags, yoga mats, and customized bunk beds for resting.

Situated close to the Mid Valley Mega Mall, the Southpoint building also provides employees with an array of dining and entertainment options, making it a prime location for tech careers in Kuala Lumpur.  

Join the Agoda Kuala Lumpur team in Malaysia today  

For those considering a career move, Agoda Kuala Lumpur offers a unique chance to be part of a global team, work on challenging projects, and experience life in one of Asia’s most dynamic cities. 

Explore life at Agoda in Kuala Lumpur and become part of our community in Malaysia, shaping the future of travel. Learn more about life at Agoda in Kuala Lumpur. 

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