Finding purpose: Bridging the world through travel

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With over 6,900 employees in 25 markets, our team brings together people from all walks of life. Everyone brings their own strengths to the table as we think, build, and innovate, united by our shared purpose: to bridge the world through travel.

We believe travel allows people to enjoy, learn, and experience more of the amazing world we live in. It brings individuals and cultures closer together, fostering empathy, understanding, and happiness. We are a skillful, driven, and diverse team from around the globe, united by a passion to make an impact. Harnessing our innovative technologies, we aim to make travel easy and rewarding for all.

In this series inspired by our purpose, we speak to Agodans from across the company about how travel has shaped their lives, and how they, in turn, are shaping the travel industry.

Being a global citizen

Love Tanyasorn 
Senior Consultant, Talent Business Partners 

“I became an avid reader and a film and TV fan at a young age, which sparked my curiosity about the world beyond my immediate surroundings. I yearned to witness the iconic scenes I had only seen on screen, like the bustling streets of New York City, the grandeur of Roman architecture, or the breathtaking Scottish Highlands. I took my first international trip at eighteen, and travel has been my life’s passion ever since. It makes me feel like a global citizen, constantly expanding my understanding of the world.

As an enthusiastic explorer, working at Agoda perfectly aligns with my life philosophy of learning as much as possible. It also allows me to contribute to making travel more accessible through our world-class technology. Our diverse global culture bridges the world for me, fulfilling my desire to be part of a global community.

In the Talent Business Partners team, we shape this culture by embedding values of learning and diversity into our Agodans’ lives through performance management, employee engagement, and organizational structure, to name a few. Our efforts directly support Agoda’s mission, ensuring that our company culture aligns with our overarching goals.

I’m particularly proud of the Purpose project, where I conducted interviews with focus groups to understand what travel means to people across various cultures and age groups.”

Connecting with others

Bridging the world through travel Niels van Klooster

Niels van Klooster 
Business Owner, Partner Programs 

“At eighteen, fresh out of high school in Belgium, I lived with a host family in Mexico for several months. It was a leap into the unknown and such an eye-opener. I’d never realized how big the world is and all it has to offer. I bonded with new people, who became friends for life. Despite our different backgrounds, we found common ground in our love of exploration.

I think we’re here to experience the world’s beauty and connect with others. Working on something that helps other people achieve this gives me a true sense of purpose. Getting to work in a city so unlike my own, with great people from all over the world, makes it even more special.

As a Business Owner in the Partner Programs team, I help hotel partners make the most of our platform by providing solutions for enhanced visibility and targeting. We ensure our customers receive the best rates and have hassle-free travel experiences, so they can focus on what matters: connecting with loved ones, exploring new cultures, and having meaningful experiences.”

Discovering the unknown

Bridging the world through travel Ashwin Johri

Ashwin Johri
Global Affairs Strategic Communications Lead 

“I love the excitement of the unknown. The idea that something new and fresh awaits you with each experience is exhilarating. I trace some of my favorite travel memories to a family road trip through South Africa. The Garden Route boasted a vast sky en route to lush green mountain passes along the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic. Inviting lakes, wild gardens, untouched prairies—we had stumbled upon nature’s backyard. Travel offers so much discovery, and who knows what’s next?

The sense of discovery that drives my personal travel experiences is mirrored in my professional life, where every new project holds the promise of something great. At Agoda, we strive to create empathy by making travel easy and rewarding, encouraging people to broaden their horizons and deepen their appreciation for the world around us.

I lead strategic communications for the Global Affairs team. We share learnings and insights for the future with our government partners, using storytelling and data visualization to build trusting relationships that facilitate seamless travel. Through innovation and cutting-edge technologies, we ensure that travel remains a bridge for creating connection and understanding.”

Opening your mind

Bridging the world through travel Thomas Anderson

Thomas Anderson
Senior Product Designer, Rocket Travel by Agoda

“Since relocating to Thailand from the UK, I’ve traveled through the region and explored some incredible new places. In George Town, the capital of Penang, I loved seeing the mix of Chinese, Malay, and Indian cultures alongside colorful street art and heritage buildings. In Laos, I disconnected from the big city and immersed myself in nature by swimming in lagoons and riding scooters around the mountain paths. My culinary experiences have been equally exciting, from fiery duck larb to comforting khao soi. Trying new dishes has deepened my appreciation for the culture, but sadly not my tolerance for spice.

Travel has opened my mind to many things, and working at Agoda means I can help others see the world for themselves. As a Product Designer at Rocket Travel by Agoda, I play a pivotal role in creating a best-in-class white-label travel platform. We lead accessibility initiatives, optimize design system theming to boost launch efficiency for new partners and create scalable design templates. We’re always looking for opportunities to optimize our platform – such as making it easier for users to redeem loyalty points during checkout, driving partner and user engagement.”

Immersing yourself in culture and history

Tia Kurnia 
Customer Experience Group Quality Assurance Specialist 

“I used to fear traveling alone, but I’ve grown to enjoy it a lot. One of my most memorable solo trips was to Siem Reap, Cambodia, where I saw the wonder of Angkor Wat. I was amazed by its beauty and learned a lot about Cambodian history. During my trip, I met new people who shared unique stories from their travels, giving me more insights into places I’ve never been to. Travel has opened my eyes to the diverse cultures, histories, and beauties of the world.

At work, I get to combine my love for travel with my professional skills, helping others experience the joy and enrichment that travel brings. As a Quality Assurance Specialist at Agoda, I empower our Customer Service Specialists to be successful and compliant. My team works to improve the customer experience and ensure that we meet our business and legal expectations, driving us towards our purpose of bridging the world.”

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