Interviewing at Agoda: What to ask your interviewer

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Thanks to your careful preparation, your Agoda interview went well. You spoke confidently, showcased your skills and experience, and navigated any tricky questions with ease. But before the session fully wraps up, your interviewer asks, “Do you have any questions for me?” Some candidates will come unprepared and ask the first question they can think of, or simply say no. By doing your research and asking informed questions, you’ll get a better sense of the role and demonstrate your genuine interest and enthusiasm.

Remember, an interview is a two-way street. Both you and the interviewer are there to have a conversation, and you should feel comfortable asking questions throughout.

In this article, some of Agoda’s top interviewers will start you off with key areas of questioning that can help get you the insights you need, along with their tips for thinking up questions of your own.

Top tips

  • Ask us about data! We’re big on data, it’s in our DNA and every corner of the company. Knowing what data you’ll be working with and the tools you will use will help you to better understand the role.
  • Do your research: Delve into the Agoda website, social media, and news coverage to learn about our mission, values, and recent developments. This way, you can figure out what you really need to know and ask accordingly.
  • Be open-minded: While it’s important to come prepared with questions, also remain flexible and open to asking follow-up questions based on your conversation with the interviewer.

Measuring success

The job description will likely outline numerous responsibilities, so it’s useful to know which of those will be prioritized. It’s also an opportunity to become aware of the key stakeholders you will partner with and other expectations within the role. At Agoda, we’re big on experimenting, measuring, and evidence-based decision-making. In fact, it’s one of our core values. Understanding exactly how your performance will be evaluated and what skills you’ll need to achieve success will give you a running start, and help you decide if this role is right for you.

Understanding the challenges

At Agoda, we’re building the future of global travel. Often, that means tackling challenges that have yet to exist. In the ever-evolving landscape of travel tech, we must move fast, be efficient, and think creatively to solve problems and innovate. Every role comes with a unique set of challenges, but it can be hard to figure out what those are from the job description alone.

Will this role have challenges that you feel excited and able to tackle? Challenges that align with your desired career path and development will push you to grow, adapt, and progress. Conversely, ill-suited challenges might leave you feeling overwhelmed and burned out, or bored and underutilized. Get clear on what skills you have, what skills you want to build, and what kind of work you want to do. By understanding what you’ll need to address in this role, you’ll also be able to share your ideas and brainstorm how you’d tackle these challenges, mirroring real day-to-day work Agoda.

Getting a feel for the culture

Culture fit is at the heart of job satisfaction and overall happiness at work. Our Careers site and social media will give you a good picture of life at Agoda, but the best way to learn about our culture is to ask an Agodan. Your interviewer can offer a more personal take on the day-to-day of the company, along with what kinds of people tend to thrive here. Shared values play a huge role in culture fit, as do things like work-life balance, employee engagement, and learning opportunities. This is the time to find out if you’d do well in our environment.

Good luck with your interview!


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