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Welcome to Agoda’s Tech Team—where we use cutting-edge technology and data to supercharge travel. Supported by a global team committed to growth and advancement in tech, Agoda Tech innovates daily to enhance travelers’ experiences worldwide. 

We’re committed to our Agodans’ professional development, regularly hosting tech skill development sessions, hackathons, and team-building events to lay the groundwork for continued growth and learning. Read on to learn about life in our Tech Department, where each day is an opportunity to build travel for the world. 

“If you want to learn, Agoda is the best place to be. It doesn’t matter what level you’re at. I’ve been an engineer for over twenty years. To be at a company where I’m learning every day? That’s unique.” – Joel Dickson, Director

The scale and impact of Agoda Tech 

At Agoda, our tech team harnesses diverse programming tools and tech stacks to innovate and enhance the travel experience. From JavaScript and Python to C#, Java, Kotlin, and even Rust, we apply suitable languages and frameworks to meet the varied demands of our global user base. Databases such as Microsoft SQL Server and Cassandra are vital in managing and analyzing the vast quantities of travel data that flow through our systems. 

Our expansive tech ecosystem includes a robust Kubernetes infrastructure comprising about 150,000 CPU cores distributed across 20 clusters in 4 distinct data centers. This setup underpins our engineering efforts and exemplifies our commitment to scalability and resilience in tech. Data handling at Agoda is massive; our Kafka streams process approximately 2 trillion messages daily, and we navigate 30 petabytes of data on our platform. This ability to work on a grand scale makes a tech career at Agoda both challenging and exciting. 

Learn, grow, and elevate your career

In our Tech team, you’re just one message away from experts in countless fields of tech, and we’re all about sharing what we know.

2023 saw the launch of Agoda Dev Day, a first-of-its-kind event dedicated to all things Tech at Agoda, along with the Agoda GPT Hackathon to think up new applications for AI in travel.

Agoda Tech Agoda Tech

We’ve also got a lineup of bi-weekly Tech Talks, where each team shares their ideas and projects, Tech Clubs, where we discuss the latest trends, and Tech Meetups hosted in partnership with the likes of ThaiPy and GraphQL.


Get a glimpse of life in Agoda Tech and read our techies’ experiences: 

This is how we blend professional advancement with a culture of learning at Agoda, ensuring our team stays ahead of the curve in the travel technology industry.

“Agoda is a playground for technological curiosity and advancement. The growth I’ve witnessed in my career here is a direct result of advanced technical challenges and various internal learning opportunities including our weekly Tech Talks and hackathons.” – Evgeniy Zuykin, Senior Engineering Lead  

A diverse, supportive community

Tech Connect is our flagship monthly social gathering, where we step away from our desks and get together as a Tech community in the Bangkok office. Whether strategizing over a game of chess, teaming up in video game competitions, or simply relaxing together, these meetups are a well-loved tradition within the Tech team. 

“Our monthly Tech Connects are celebrations of our shared passion and commitment to Agoda. After a long day of analyzing security vulnerabilities, we like to unwind and bond over good food and drinks.” – Well Vittayaphorn, Application Security Analyst  

The spirit of collaboration extends far beyond our day-to-day work. Agoda Life Groups are a range of employee-run sports and recreation clubs as diverse as our Agodans, connecting people from all departments with shared interests. Whether you’re looking to find your zen with Yogoda, test your knowledge with Quiz at Agoda, or conquer new heights at the Agoda Rock Climbing Club, there’s a community for you.

Join Agoda Tech and build travel for the world

Discover a place where your tech skills contribute to transformative travel experiences at Agoda Tech. We’re seeking curious and driven individuals ready to solve complex challenges in a collaborative and dynamic workspace. Dive into a role that celebrates innovation and personal growth. Learn how we hire for tech roles at Agoda.  

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