The beating heart of a company like Agoda lies in the vast, complex web of technology that ties it all together. The Technology team is full of smart, analytical, curious individuals who love using out state-of-the-art technology to solve tough problems and deliver cutting-edge solutions. We never stop innovating as we truly believe that technological superiority is what makes Agoda the preferred travel booking experience for millions of travelers around the world.

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Why Technology at Agoda?

We control our own destiny

With a flat organizational structure and a collaborative culture, we are empowered to access multiple resources to accomplish what we are passionate about. We don’t operate in silos — no matter which sub-team you are in, you can contribute to any code repository in the company, making your experience as dynamic and adventurous as travel itself.

We are experimental

We provide world-class technological tools for our engineers to build, test, improve and test again. We encourage them to experiment with novel ideas and invest in their own projects that pay off and exceed our customer’s highest expectations.

We are resilient

With a global base of customers, what we build transcends borders and reaches infinite possibilities. We believe that failures provide us with the opportunities to excel, allowing us to create even more sustainable, resilient products for the future.

Meet the People

Tao Yu

Tao Yu

Senior Data Scientist

Nowadays, everyone talks about AI, saying that AI is the future, but only a few companies understand its significance. In a lot of places, AI only stays in a presentation or some big leadership plans. But at Agoda, when you are working for millions of customers around the world, we really have the opportunity to work on cutting-edge technology, put it into our product and make a real difference. That is not a position you can find easily anywhere as a data scientist.

Kamonchanok Rattanasrimata

Senior Business Intelligence Manager

I've been with the Technology team at Agoda for more than 10 years now and there is never a day that I'm not proud of my work. Data is deeply rooted in Agoda's DNA and it allows us to make decisions with confidence and ultimately arrive at the best data solutions that benefit both the company and the customers.

Pattararat Kongkietvanitch

Pattararat Kongkietvanitch

Development Manager

Working with talented people at Agoda has improved my skills and accelerated my career progression. Given the scale that Agoda handles, learn new things every day and have been given the opportunity to work with different tech and business stacks from end to end. This makes me feel like a part of the business and exemplifies Agoda's ownership culture.