Play hard, work well: How Agodans connect after work

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At Agoda, we support our employees to thrive personally and professionally. As part of this commitment, we’re proud to introduce our Agoda Life Groups, a range of employee-run sports and recreation clubs as diverse as our Agodans. From adrenaline-pumping sports to leisurely hobbies, let’s take a look at how our employees unwind, connect, and stay active outside of work.

Playing sports

Agoda Football  

The Agoda Football Club hosts weekly games for footy-loving Agodans. Despite challenges like COVID, this tradition has endured for years. We also have friendly matches with other Bangkok-based companies, and our first inter-department tournament brought in over 120 players from across Agoda.   

Agoda Badminton  

Agoda Badminton hits the courts every weekend for company-sponsored play. Joining is a breeze with our custom Agoda bot for weekly sign-ups and our dedicated organizers, who keep things running smoothly. Our annual tournaments are also popular, bringing in many Agodans to compete for victory. We’re grateful to Agoda for their invaluable support. Whether you’re a badminton enthusiast or a curious beginner, we welcome you to join us!  

Agoda Rock Climbing  

The Agoda Rock Climbing Club is a social and sports community for rock climbing enthusiasts, including top rope climbing and bouldering. The group is open to novices who have never climbed before and to highly experienced climbers—some of whom possess lead climbing certifications. We conduct biweekly climbing sessions, and our members frequently arrange informal climbing meetups at various gyms. Over time, we’ve fostered a welcoming community where anyone with a passion for climbing can easily connect with others to climb together. Our membership has grown rapidly from five members to 250 in under four months!  

Agoda Golf

The Agoda Golf Club hosts an annual tournament for employees, offering a chance to connect and compete on the course. It’s an excellent way for Agodans to bond outside work and enjoy friendly competition in a beautiful setting.  

Agoda Basketball  

After a pause during the COVID period, the Agoda Basketball group started back up in 2022, boasting over 120 members. Weekly sessions offer a welcoming space for Agodans to come together and enjoy the game. All skill levels are welcome, and we’re delighted to see a surge in new players enjoying our ranks recently.  

Agoda Cricket  

The Agoda Cricket group started with ten members and has grown quickly, with over thirty Agodans joining weekly practice and participating in local tournaments. Agoda supports all the group’s costs, including jerseys, refreshments, net sessions, and competition fees. The group also topped the Bangkok Cricket League, ranking first out of ten participating teams. 

Agoda Volleyball   

In Budapest, Agodans gather for indoor volleyball during the winter and switch to beach volleyball when spring and summer arrive. They also compete in tournaments with other multinational companies in the city.  

Brain training 

Agoda Fantasy Premier League  

Agoda Fantasy Premier League
This group welcomes all aspiring football managers at Agoda who enjoy playing the popular Fantasy Premier League (FPL). Established in 2022, Agoda FPL currently has around forty members competing fiercely to claim victory. The competition is intense, with last year’s Agoda FPL champion ranking in the top 1% globally. Throughout the grueling nine-month season, participants closely track each other’s progress. In addition to the coveted overall league title, a Manager of the Month award is up for grabs, adding an extra layer of excitement to the competition.    

Agoda Board Games  

The Agoda Board Games club meets weekly to play modern board games together. Our interests and tastes are wide-ranging, and we play everything from boisterous social games to deep-thinking strategy games, drawing from the generous Agoda Board Games library and personally owned games. We welcome players of all experience levels, whether you’re a first-timer or a veteran.  

Agoda Quiz   

Agoda Quiz is a quarterly event that turns our office into a trivia arena, drawing over 200 Agoda team members to put their knowledge to the test. With topics ranging from company news to pop culture, it promises an exciting evening of bonding and fun. Beyond the thrill of competition and the chance to win great prizes, it’s all about fostering team spirit and creating memories together. 

Agoda Chess  

Practice your skills with the Agoda Chess Club! Agodans come together for a casual monthly chess tournament fueled by pizza and friendly competition. It’s a chance to strategize, socialize, and enjoy the company of fellow enthusiasts in a relaxed setting. 

Cultivating mindfulness


The cleverly named Yogoda is an employee-run group that brings together yogis of all levels for a weekly yoga practice sponsored by the company. It’s the perfect way to recenter after a busy day.     

Agoda Meditation 

The Agoda Meditation group gathers weekly for peaceful meditation sessions before the workday begins. These sessions encompass seated and walking meditation, welcoming all employees to join in.  

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