Steady growth: Gael’s path to leadership at Agoda

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Hello, I am Gael Secardin, Senior Change Enablement Lead at Agoda.

What do I like about Agoda? Our company mindset. We’re curious, willing to challenge ourselves, and ready to learn from both our successes and our failures along the way. Agoda is dedicated to getting results without compromising on our values, and it shows.

The team is always open to discussing new ideas, and everyone’s opinions are heard and respected.

I started out as a Customer Experience Specialist on the French team in Budapest, and within 6 months I was promoted to Team Captain, which was a new position in Agoda at the time. This meant I had the opportunity to help shape the direction of this role, build a network, and go deeper in addressing our customers’ needs. As a result, I was offered the chance to become a Senior Change Enablement Lead and contribute to the success of various change initiatives within our Customer Experience Group.

By enabling employees to embrace and adapt to new tools and processes, I help our department unlock its full potential.

I like that our team gets to work closely with front-line agents in creating solutions. We ensure that their voices and feedback are taken into consideration at every step of the way.

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