Unlocking career growth: Internal mobility at Agoda

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At Agoda, career growth isn’t just about following a traditional path; it’s about exploring new horizons, embracing challenges, and continuously learning. Our employees’ stories reflect the supportive and open culture that fosters internal mobility and personal development.

In this post, we spotlight three inspiring Agodans who took charge of their careers and paved unique paths within the company. Their stories are a testament to how lateral moves and cross-departmental transitions can bring you to the next level, both personally and professionally. Read on to discover their biggest learnings.

Take advantage of every learning opportunity

Career Growth Ellen Trisna

Ellen Trisna
Senior Consultant, Talent Business Partner
Customer Experience Group to People Team

“Twelve years ago, I started in the Customer Experience Group (CEG) as a Customer Service Representative in Kuala Lumpur, answering calls and emails. Initially, I planned to save enough money to pursue a master’s degree, but my journey at Agoda took an unexpected and rewarding turn.

In 2014, I became a Learning and Development Specialist in CEG and discovered my passion for helping people grow, which led to a transition to the People team in Thailand. Moving from Kuala Lumpur to Bangkok while changing departments wasn’t easy, but it taught me to embrace change and ‘fail forward’ by seeing setbacks as stepping stones.

Today, I’m a Senior Consultant, Talent Business Partner, and some of my proudest achievements are launching comprehensive learning programs available to everyone in the company that go beyond job-specific skills and helping employees develop in areas like project management and stakeholder engagement. Seeing the increased participation and the impact on employees’ growth makes me incredibly happy. It’s a full circle moment helping others build the tools to navigate challenges.

My advice? Don’t wait for others to invest in your growth—take advantage of every learning opportunity and be proactive in your career development.”

Own your career growth

Career Growth Jeena Marie Balagtas

Jeena Marie Balagtas
Senior IT Compliance Specialist
People Team to Tech Team

“Own your career growth! Learn something today that will help you in the future. I joined Agoda in 2017 as a Payroll Data Management Supervisor, and in 2019, I got promoted to Payroll Data Management Manager. During that time, I was also a Compliance and Ethics ambassador for the People Team, which paved the way for my current role as a Senior IT Compliance Specialist in IT-GRC. Over the past three years, I’ve supported compliance to IT SOX audits and taken on the challenge of managing Agoda’s Annual Business Continuity Management.

I’ve always enjoyed a challenge, transitioning to a new department and working style was exciting and scary for me, especially since I didn’t initially speak the IT language. However, I’ve reminded myself that whatever I had learned was all on the job when I first started in HR. With time management, dedication, and patience, I was able to adapt and excel in my new role.

Moving from the People team to Tech has made me more adaptable, resilient, and creative in problem-solving. It also expanded my network and given me a more holistic view of Agoda and our people. I’ve seen a lot of successful internal career moves here. I think it’s because we like to experiment!”

The door to opportunities is wide open

Career Growth Mimi Leevongcharoen

Mimi Leevongcharoen
People Onboarding Experience Lead
Customer Experience Group to People Team

“At Agoda, career growth can mean moving sideways, not just climbing the traditional ladder. When I joined as a Customer Experience Specialist in the Thai language team, I had no idea what path my career would take. I dove into a Recruiter internship within the Customer Experience Group (CEG), followed by an HR Generalist internship, where I realized my passion for employee engagement.

From there, I transitioned to the People team and joined Onboarding, where we ensure that every Agodan’s first day — and beyond — is exceptional. Today, I manage onboarding programs and optimize the quality of our services. I love helping people become well-equipped, engaged employees, and that we use feedback and data to refine our approach.

The problem-solving and communication skills I picked up from CEG became invaluable in leading People Service initiatives. Of course, it wasn’t always easy: my Onboarding role was vastly different, with new success metrics and communication styles. To adapt, I sought feedback like gold, learned from those around me, and embraced every chance to improve.

I couldn’t have done it without my mentors. My manager and supervisors encouraged me to pursue my interests and take ownership of my career. Whenever I had questions, my People team colleagues were there to help. Remember, the door to opportunities is wide open. Even if you don’t land your dream role right away, you’ll learn, improve, and be ready to succeed when the next opportunity comes around!”

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