Agoda India: A peek into our Gurugram & Mumbai offices 

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Welcome to Agoda India. Our offices are in Gurugram (formerly known as Gurgaon) and Mumbai — two dynamic powerhouse destinations thriving with India’s emerging tech jobs and financial ecosystems.   

Dive into this office spotlight for a taste of Agoda India:

  • Venture through our uniquely Agoda office spaces, with all their features and perks. 
  • Learn about the workplace culture in our Gurugram and Mumbai offices, where tradition dances with modernity.  
  • Discover our team events and community-building activities.
  • Get to know our Tech, Product, and Customer Experience teams.

Join us at Agoda India, where each corner tells a story of passion, progression, and the power of technology in travel. 

Spaces that inspire: Agoda India’s offices 

The Mumbai and Gurugram offices of Agoda India are designed with the tech enthusiast in mind. They’re open, airy, and buzzing with energy—perfect for spur-of-the-moment collaborations and deep-dive projects. Think bright colors, comfy workstations, and plenty of light. Our offices spark creativity in every corner. 

With spaces designed to inspire big dreams and even bigger ideas, every element here is strategically placed to encourage maximum creativity and productivity.
Agoda India office Agoda India office Agoda India office

  Life at Agoda in Gurugram and Mumbai 

  • Festivity and fun: At Agoda India, work and celebration go hand in hand. Our teams love to decorate the office and dive into the joy of Indian festivals like Diwali. Of course, we can’t forget our epic annual staff party, AgodaFest.
  • Celebrating our achievements: Beyond project milestones and targets, we recognize and celebrate our team’s hard work with yearly socials and camaraderie-building People Fair.

  • Giving back as a team: Our career opportunities offer chances to grow, learn, and excel, but also to be part of Agoda’s commitment to global travel and local impact. It’s about being passionate about what you do and the difference you can make.

Explore career opportunities in India! 

Agoda India’s dream teams

Agoda India’s Supply, Tech, and Product Design teams are at the forefront of travel technology. These teams develop systems and products that simplify travel for millions, demonstrating our commitment to innovation. 

Our Customer Experience Group (CEG) ensures traveler satisfaction by blending tech expertise with quality service. Their skillful communication and product knowledge facilitate smooth travel experiences for our global customers. 

 Join the vibrant workspace of Agoda India and discover what it means to love where you work — and what you work on.

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