3 Reasons Why You Should Join A Coding Competition Like Codegoda

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Codegoda 2021 is coming up with a chance for programmers worldwide to showcase their coding skills, improve them, and win big. Now joining a coding competition can take time and preparation.

Moreover, it involves effort – often requiring programmers to learn, relearn, or brush up on their coding skills.

So why should you participate in a coding competition? How can a coding competition help? Apart from the prize, here are 3 reasons why your efforts will be worth it.

1. Coding competitions demonstrate your fundamental coding skills.

In coding competitions like Codegoda, you’ll compete globally and will have a platform to demonstrate your skills and knowledge of algorithms, data structures, logical reasoning, and more.

One of the critical aspects of becoming a good coder is to have strong fundamentals of programming. Given the nature of a coding competition, they become an excellent platform to practice and master the fundamentals.

2. It’s a great way to stand out in your technical interviews.

If you are looking to take on a new job, a coding competition gives you credibility and becomes a good highlight on your resume. It’s an excellent way to showcase your technical aptitude and share your learnings that align with the role you have applied for.

Fun fact: if your skills are a match, you may land a job in Agoda’s tech team when you participate in Codegoda 2021! 

Read what Papan, Software Engineer at Agoda, said about his experience participating.

This is not just a competition, but also a door to more opportunities! Yes, you’ll work on exciting challenges, get your hands dirty solving them, sharpen your skills, compete on a global scale…AND you might even land a new job with Agoda! This happened to me last year. I competed… won a prize…and here I am working as a Software Engineer at Agoda.

This happened to me last year. I competed… won a prize…and here I am working as a Software Engineer at Agoda.

3. It makes you a better coder, and you get to look at problems differently.

In a coding competition like Codegoda, you will solve problems in a limited time frame (in this case, 5 hours). This constraint will help you be more disciplined and efficient – qualities key to becoming a better coder. 

Given the time constraint, you’ll also look at problems differently, which will introduce you to new approaches and ways to solve a problem. 

Here’s what Thammarith, Full-Stack Engineer at Agoda, has to say on getting a different perspective during the competition.

Personally, I like to work on the problems I can solve first. If you’re stuck, it’s okay to move on and come back later. This helps me look at the problem from a different perspective and find a solution then.

Codegoda 2021 registrations are open.

Excited to participate in Codegoda 2021? Register today at codegoda.io and get a chance to win up to $3,500 in cash prizes and a chance for a fast-track interview with Agoda’s tech team. Check out the top tips for Codegoda 2021 from the past winners.

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