Business Development

Business Development

The business development team at Agoda supports our accommodation partners through collaboration and data-backed decisions. We serve as consultants, offering strategic advice on how best to excel on Agoda’s commercial platform. At the center of it all is the desire to build long-term relationships that span borders and cultures, pushing for the best win-win results in an exciting environment.

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Why Business Development at Agoda?

We are at the forefront of Agoda

Agoda is a travel booking platform and accommodation is at our core. These are the products that our customers interact with every day. By understanding hotel needs and offering innovative solutions, we directly contribute to what makes Agoda one of the market leaders.

We work from around the world

From Bangkok to New York and beyond, our business development team has footprints in over 50 locations around the world. With the help of industry-leading technology, we work and collaborate globally to bring together the best ideas from diverse perspectives.

We always aims for outstanding sustainable results

Our accommodation partners are the key to our success. We invest in long-term relationships with our partners to create mutually-beneficial value for both parties, delivering superb results for now and the future.

Meet the People

Jane Chaochotechuang

Senior Market Manager

Agoda allows me to work with smart people from different backgrounds and opportunities for me to develop myself personally and professionally.

Carin Cowell

Business Owner - PS Operations

Being in Business Development is about bringing the best of traditional hospitality business together with the best of online travel technology. We are able to get a truly global perspective of our industry and derive the best possible outcomes for our partners.

Joy Herholz

Joy Herholz

Associate Director of Special Projects

I love how we get to work with a super diverse team to solve exciting challenges every day. Our flat structure also allows us to look for non-traditional ways to solve problems and implement them fast. There is also a lot of humor in the workplace, which means there is never a dull moment working here!