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Join the Design Explorers on a journey into the world of design for travel, and hear the stories behind the creative work from Agoda’s design team. Each episode features our candid thoughts, insights, and experiences in product design at our global digital travel platform, where you can book hotels, vacation rentals, and flights worldwide.

We’re passionate about design and travel and how they positively affect each other to inspire great work and unforgettable journeys. Check in to Design Explorers, and you’ll understand why!

Check out all the episodes below from Season 1.

Episode 1: Useable and meaningful data in the design process

Can data play a meaningful role in design solutions and processes – or should designers stick to experience and visuals and leave data to math people? Join us as we explore these questions and more with Design Manager Joshua Zhou and Senior UX Designer Javier Lo, who together actually tried making data relevant to our design team. Did they succeed? Find out.

Book recommendation: A Practical Guide to Designing with Data by Brian Suda.

Full transcript available here


Episode 2: Design for complexity and scalability

Is there a real difference between design for B2B vs. design for B2C? How do enterprise designers simplify the complexity of big problems?

Join us for episode 2 of the Design Explorers. Mehak Sharma and Hanxi Lee, two of our Senior UX Designers at Agoda, join us to better understand our supply partners’ interesting and complex world through their work on hotel-facing products.

Full transcript available here


Episode 3: Scaling Design: From people to pixels

When Dynin Khem joined Agoda in 2015, there were only 5 designers in the design team. Starting as an individual contributor, he didn’t know that he was about to grow that same team to almost 50 designers as of today.

Back then, there was a need to prove the added value that our design organization can bring to the table, and he took on himself the mission and vision to make it happen.

Discussing the meaning and implications of a team’s maturity, in this episode 3 of the Design Explorers, Dynin Khem, our Design Director, shares the story and his perspective of the ongoing journey of scaling up our team.

Full transcript available here


Episode 4: Designing for our customer support agents

Customer support agents at Agoda are working hard every day around the clock to provide our customers and partners any help they need. Their work processes and procedures can become really complex using different tools and handling many touchpoints.

In this episode, we discuss with Sabrina Li and Haeji An how they help simplify and enhance our agents’ work through a design. What are some of the similarities and differences when trying to solve your colleagues’ problems?

Full transcript available here


Episode 5: Design mentorship at Agoda

Getting good and inspiring guidance at the beginning of our career is crucial for becoming great designers. That is where mentors play such an important part in our journey. Today, we’re joined by Rachel Hou and Bantita Treepong, a mentor and a mentee, who will share their mutual mentorship experience in our design team at Agoda.

Join Agoda mentorship program mentioned in this episode.

Full transcript available here.


Episode 6: Meet Agoda’s Design Engineers

They are writing code and using design tools and have a deep understanding of the user experience and the aesthetes. Design engineers are new and emerging roles that aim to close the gap between the worlds of design and code.

Today we’re talking with Sofian Charbaux and Latte Wanpen, two members of our design engineering team who will share with us more details all about that.

Full transcript available here


Episode 7: Leveraging design thinking for work processes enhancement

As our design team started to grow and scale, the need for enhanced processes and workflows to support our day-to-day jobs and the way we collaborate began to emerge. In today’s episode, we discuss with Anita Lee and Natchalee Toruen, two of our Senior Product Designers, how they discovered and realized that need, and how they have used their design skills to help improve the way we work together.

By identifying some of the pain points and roadblocks that our design teams and individual designers are facing, they’ve developed frameworks and workflows to help mitigate some of these issues to ensure we provide a consistent and optimized users experience for our customers and partners.

Full transcript available here


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