An update on COVID-19

How we are addressing the crisis and supporting our employees

In light of the COVID-19 situation and its disruption across the globe, we’ve been working around the clock to respond to the huge surge in customer queries, while continuing to support our partners and engage with our employees.

Frequently asked questions

While COVID-19 has impacted the ability of people to travel worldwide, Agoda has been able to pivot our business to support the increased demand in domestic travel bookings for our customers and partners with initiatives like GoLocal and TTogether. With promising signs of a vaccine being developed, we’re hopeful to be able to also support international bookings again soon. Our priority to deliver our core business remains, while we closely monitor the guidelines from local authorities, the World Health Organization and Booking Holdings to continue to support our customers, partners and colleagues. 

Although COVID-19 is still impacting the travel industry, we have seen positive signs that business is increasing in certain regions, giving way to new business critical hiring needs. 

Glad you asked! Please visit this link to browse through and apply for open roles at Agoda. 

Given travel restrictions and social distancing requirements, all our interviews are conducted remotely over online video calls where appropriate.
If you’ve decided to accept an offer that requires relocation, you will be supported by Agoda’s strong in-house Global Mobility Team that focuses solely on bringing in identified talents into the respective Agoda Offices. We take a curated approach on how to bring you into the country to ensure that you start in a safe manner. With the current COVID-19 Pandemic, we are still confident to be able to bring you in. If there are any impacts to your start date, the team will advise and let you know what the next steps are.

We are seeing positive signs of recovery in the travel industry and currently have business critical roles open. Apply now if you find a role that fits your goals and profile. If your profile is a match, a recruiter will be in touch to schedule a call. 

Agoda is seeing positive signs of recovery already in different markets around the world. While there is still a long road to go, there are exciting times ahead of us as we look to accelerate our recovery with innovative travel products and services.  

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