New York City, New York USA

As one of the world’s leading capitals for art, finance, fashion, and theater, New York City’s shadow looms large over the Western culture. In New York City, the possibilities are endless — you can choose to explore the richly diverse five boroughs, treat yourself to exciting cuisines, vibe with live music, or just savor the lights and the glamour.

Why New York City?

Prime location

Our office is located in the Empire State Building, one of the highest buildings and most iconic landmarks in the heart of Manhattan. You’ll have no shortage of inspiration from Fifth Avenue or the view overlooking New York City from the building’s observatories.

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The Melting Pot guarantees interesting people and stories from different communities for you to experience and learn from. Grow your network of diverse people and broaden your perspective in a city that gathers the world.

The world’s hub

New York hosts countless headquarters and main offices of so many industries. And we make sure our office is never short of games, snacks, cold brew, or beer on tap!