Inside Agoda’s Osaka office: Grand Front Osaka

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Location: Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka, Japan
Date opened: 01 Apr, 2015
Size: 523 square meters
Max capacity: 74 employees
Teams: Business Development
How to get there: 3-minute walk from Osaka JR Station, 5-minute walk from Umeda Subway Station
Food options: There are 50+ restaurants readily accessible in the building, where our office is located. Alternatively, you can visit different restaurants (including a new food court) in Lucua or some local restaurants around the office building within just a few minutes of walk. Hankyu 3 Bangai is also a great place to go for lunch.
After work options: Located in the city center of Osaka, we have a lot of nearby chill out spots. From dining and drinking places like 曽根崎 (Sonezaki) and 北新地 (Kitashinchi) to cinemas and karaokes, there are a wide range of places to explore for eating, shopping, and entertainment.