Inside the Agoda Seoul Office

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Located in the heart of Seoul, in the bustling Jung-gu district, the Agoda Seoul office is a symbol of how traditional values and modern innovation can coexist and thrive. In a city renowned for its rapid technological advancement and rich cultural heritage, our Agoda Seoul office embodies our commitment to bridging the world through travel.  

Through this article, you’ll discover: 

  • An insider’s look into the daily dynamics and the vibrant energy that fuels our team. 
  • The array of activities, events, and initiatives enjoyed by our community. 
  • A virtual walk through our strategically designed office. Discover how our workspace is optimized for collaboration, creativity, and comfort, reflecting the lively spirit of Seoul.

Our spaces: Creative, colorful, and convenient  

 Agoda’s office offers a technicolor of creativity, and comfort. Every aspect of the design is intentional, with a variety of amenities aimed at enhancing the well-being and work-life balance of our employees. From a well-stocked pantry to encourage healthy snacking to a games corner designed for relaxation and team bonding, the office is equipped to meet the diverse needs of our team members. 

Located in the lively Euljiro area, the office benefits from excellent public transportation links, simplifying the daily commute for our team. The neighborhood itself offers a rich tapestry of dining and leisure options, with an array of traditional Korean and international cuisines just steps away. Cultural landmarks, shopping districts, and serene green spaces are all within easy reach, providing endless opportunities for after-work relaxation and exploration. 

At Agoda Seoul, we’ve crafted an environment where the dynamic spirit of the city is mirrored inside the workplace, blending work and play seamlessly. 

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The culture and community at Agoda Seoul

At Agoda Seoul, our vibrant office culture thrives on community and shared experiences, fostering a deep connection within the team and with the broader Seoul community. From activities like flower arrangement sessions and karaoke nights to exploring the city’s natural beauty through hiking and savoring Korean BBQ outings, we embrace diverse events that enrich our team bond.


From our annual Agodafest celebration to Agoda socials throughout the year, our staff parties are always a crowd favorite. With amazing prizes, music, food, and performances, these events are a great way to come together as a team and celebrate our achievements.

During “Well-being Week,” we focus on health, mindfulness, and relaxation, and building good habits to care for our mental and physical health. Our teams are committed to giving back through regular volunteering and community service initiatives within Seoul.

At Agoda Seoul, every initiative is a step towards building an engaging, inclusive, and dynamic work environment that truly reflects Seoul’s purpose-led culture.

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Teams that shape the world of travel 

Our Seoul office, a bustling center of activity and innovation, is home to several of Agoda’s key teams. Each team plays a vital role in our mission to make travel accessible and enjoyable for everyone. Let’s get to know them: 

  • Customer Experience Team: The Customer Experience Team is at the heart of our operations, ensuring that every Agoda customer has the support they need during their travels. This team’s commitment to excellence is a cornerstone of Agoda’s success. Learn more about the Customer Experience Team. 
  • Strategic Partnerships: Our Business Development and Strategic Partnerships teams are the driving force behind Agoda’s growth in the region. They’re responsible for identifying new opportunities, forging critical partnerships, and expanding our market presence. Their innovative strategies and deep industry insights are crucial in propelling Agoda forward.  

Besides these key teams, our Seoul office is a melting pot of diverse talent, including techies, marketers, and data analysts. 

At Agoda Seoul, we’ve built an environment where the buzz of the city fuels our creativity and teamwork. It’s this atmosphere that inspires our teams to consistently challenge the limits of travel technology
– Jay Lee (Country Director, Supply) 

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Life at Agoda Seoul

This is a place where the essence of Agoda’s culture – innovation, diversity, and community – truly comes to life. Our dynamic environment allows team members to collaborate to push the boundaries of travel technology, supported by a community that values growth, learning, and mutual respect. Here, in the bustling heart of Seoul, we are not just working together; we are shaping the future of travel. 

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