3 Things I’ve done to Improve my Mental Wellbeing

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Mental health is an important aspect of every individual’s life and work-life balance, but it can be even more crucial in the business world. If you feel down and depressed, you’re not going to be as productive as you need to be in order to succeed in your career.

Unfortunately, mental health issues are common among the working population, so it’s important to take steps to maintain your mental health so you can all succeed in the long run.

For this World Mental Health Day, we spoke to Jose Camacho, Senior Director of Talent Planning and Development in the Customer Experience Group, who started focusing on his mental wellbeing in 2020.

Here, he shares the steps he took and what he found helpful.

1. Sleeping Better

I was going through a few months of stress and didn’t manage to sleep easily. I did some research and came across Matthew Walker, an expert on sleep. I found him in Master Class, so I bought a subscription to the platform using our wellness allowance. From the course, I realized that it was important to have a routine before going to bed.

So this is what I do now: I try to stop using the computer by 9 pm, and then do a stretching or yoga exercise to relax my body. I read a book with dim light to help me prepare to go to sleep. If I feel a need, I will also use a wind-down meditation from Headspace. I was already a free version user, and I am happy that Agoda now provided us with a subscription. All of these are working very well, and I’m sleeping much easier now.

Book Recommendation: Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker

2. Having a Morning Routine

Another thing I did is that I established a routine for the morning. The first thing I do now is drinking a glass of water to start things off. And then I usually go for a walk for at least 1000 steps to get the first rays of daylight. This is also when I get in contact with nature—be it trees, plants or just the calming breeze outside—it helps me start the day in a better mood. Sometimes I add in meditation too.

Book Recommendation: Atomic Habits by James Clear

3. Seeking Professional Help

There was a time I realized that I had Imposter Syndrome (doubting my abilities and achievements), and I thought I should do something about it. So, I started reading some books to understand it better, watched YouTube videos to hear the experiences of others, and wrote in a journal about the contributions that I gave on that day, even small ones.

And finally, I decided to schedule a meeting with a psychologist from the Employee Assistance Program that Agoda provided. I ended up using only two sessions because things came together, and I did get better. I think having professional help did contribute positively.

My Advice

I would encourage everyone to think about the aspect of your wellbeing and ask yourself: what are some ways I can improve my mental health? Once you stumble upon something, act on it. Give it a try. Some things may work, some may not. But it’s important, and worth it, to start putting effort into taking care of your mental health.


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