Working at Agoda in Thailand

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If you’re curious about what it’s like working at Agoda in Bangkok, Thailand – then this video is for you. Press play to hear from some of our Bangkok-based Tech team members as they share their personal journeys at the company and what they think makes Agoda a great place to work.

Full Video Transcript: Working At Agoda in Thailand ทำงานที่อโกด้าประเทศไทย (4:54)

Nutdanai (Nut), Senior Director: Agoda is part of the Priceline Group, the world leader in online travel related services. We’re a world-class technology company, with over 1,000 people in our tech team from over 50 nationalities. From local professionals to expats, no matter where you’re from, we try to gather smart people from around the world to work together here in Bangkok and develop things that help satisfy our customers, support our business, and help our company grow.

Mahasak (Max), Senior Software Engineer: Agoda is an OTA company. You can work on many challenges here that are on a global scale, and not just national.

Nattapong (Ball), Dev Manager: Before I joined Agoda, I worked at a software company that developed products for a small user base. I wanted to challenge myself, so I decided to look for the biggest company that built mobile applications because I wanted to work on an app that would be used by millions of users around the world and have a bigger impact.

Wanwanach (Erng), BI Team Lead: I started working at Agoda 6 years ago as a Business Intelligence Developer. I left to try something new, but decided to come back to Agoda because there are many opportunities to grow and advance your career here that I felt I couldn’t get at other companies.

Pattarapol (Gong), Mobile Developer: I started at Agoda as an intern in the Mobile Apps team for two months. After completing my internship, I went back to university to finish my final year. And when it was time for me to graduate, I knew that I want to work at Agoda. So I applied to be an Android Developer, and I got the job. I work on a big team. It was only 30 people when I was an intern. Today, we have over 100 people from a mix of nationalities.

Nut: We have campus recruitment and internship programs to bring in the brightest young tech talent from Thailand’s top universities, and we run training camps for fresh graduates that are designed to help give them the skills and knowledge they need to start their work effectively.

Sorrawit (Pete), QA Engineer: In training camp, we learn things like Agoda 101, and are introduced to all the testing tools like C#, Selenium, NUnit and more. I think I can use the knowledge I learn in training camp to help my team and other developer teams work better together and improve not just my technical skills but also my soft skills too, like communications.

Nattha (Mango), Senior Engineer: We use English to communicate here at Agoda because we have people from around the world working here with us. When I first joined, my English wasn’t great but gradually my English skills improved because you need to use English all the time. Agoda even offer a free Business English language course if you need the help.

Ball: We give priority to our technical architecture. We are making releases much faster and innovating at the same level with many of the leading tech companies around the world.

Mango: Customer’s from around the world visit Agoda’s website and mobile app 24 hours a day. We handle a lot of web traffic from around the world and need to serve our users in real-time. So we’re always doing things like making improvements to our technical architecture and deploying new features.

Max: What I like about working at Agoda is that we can see the impact of our work immediately on the customer, on the company, even on the whole industry.

Gong: I really like the culture here, it’s very open-minded. It doesn’t matter about age or seniority.

Mango: It’s a very open-minded and innovative culture. Everyone is welcome to share their ideas.

Gong: In most traditional companies, there are boundaries set by levels of seniority, but here at Agoda it’s different. We are more like a family. I also like my team because I see my colleagues as friends. It doesn’t matter what level of seniority, we all hang out and have fun.

Nut: The great thing about working for Agoda is that you never get bored. There are new things to do all the time. I’ve worked here for 7 years, and every year it feels like a different company.

Max: For juniors who come to work at Agoda, I think you will learn much more here than what you can learn at university. You cannot find the same experience in other companies. Here, we have people who want to help you to learn and will support you if you have problems.

Nut: We’re always on the lookout for smart and curious people to join our team. If that sounds like you, come join us!

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