Resume tips: Dos and Don’ts from Agoda Tech Recruiters

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With over 3,000 resumes submitted to Agoda Tech recruiters each week, chances are your resume would get only a fraction of their attention.

But summarizing your life ona piece of paper is not always easy.And though most part of the hiring decision is based on interviews, you still need this small document to get there.

Here are a few tips from Thapanee, Poranee and Jaclyn from the Tech recruitment team.

Make sure you cover all the needed information

Of course, include essentials like your name and contact information. But for tech jobs, tech stacks can be more important than your physical address. State as clear as you can about your previous related degrees and experience, and highlight the projects that you’ve worked on. Make it relevant to the role you are applying to. If you’ve worked with a well-known company, name-dropping can be helpful. But if not, don’t worry. We’ve hired a lot of talented people from small companies and start-ups.

Add some bonus points about yourself

If you have participated in or, even better, won a competition like hackathon, that’ll give you some extra points. Not only does it show your competitive skills, but also your enthusiasm and eagerness to learn outside of the job. Side projects and awards will help set your resume apart from others. If you have led a team before, put that down too.

Leave out irrelevant information

Gender, age, religion—we don’t need to know these things. Do we need to see your photo? Also no. To avoid any conscious or unconscious biases and unnecessary judgement, there are several good reasons why you should leave this information out. Now there’s more space to talk about your career-related achievements. Hobbies and irrelevant extracurricular activities can be saved for interviews.

Stay professional

Sure, it’s 2019 and you have the freedom to express your personality. Make sure to do that with style and not cross the ‘too much’ border. One of the recruiters say they’ve received a resume full of LINE stickers, without any purpose. Don’t get them started with unprofessional email addresses. “They’re not ready to get the job,” is the impression the recruiters get.

Get creative

As mentioned earlier, our recruiters need to go through thousands of resumes each week. A properly laid-out piece will direct their attention straight to the right points. But don’t let that stop you from being a little creative. “One very good example,” our recruiter recalls, “is a portfolio link to a very interactive website that they had built. So it’s also showpiece of what they can do.”

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