What the new normal looks like in Agoda global offices

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Keeping a distance in the pantry

After months of working from home, we’ve been gradually reopening our global offices to continue our synergistic, in-person culture. Meeting and exceeding government regulations have been our top priorities. And as the work environment also changes face, we decided to go a step further to support our staff in reacclimating to working in that environment.

Here are five areas that got special attention:

Cleaning station

An employee using hand sanitizer provided in the Japan office

Hygiene and cleanliness first

The offices are deep-cleaned and disinfected even more often. On top of professional cleaning, employees are encouraged to practice frequent cleaning, whether on touched surfaces or our own hands. Cleaning supplies like alcohol spray, tissue paper and sanitizing gel are provided in meeting rooms, pantries, and at “cleaning stations” across each floor.

On top of that, cereal and granola dispensers are now replaced with individual packages to avoid contamination. And we’ve been minimizing visitors throughout the company.

Maintaining a distance in work area

A safe space for everyone

While we’re excited to reunite with our colleagues, we encourage everyone to keep a safe social distance. This includes the new workstation set-up with at least 1 meter between every seat, visual markers in common areas like the pantry, and meeting rooms with 50%-reduced capacity. With this new practice in place, we see big meetings divided into a few different rooms, becoming semi-virtual through the conference tools we’re now very familiar with.

Employee in Bangkok showing the welcome back kit

A warm welcome back

We recognize we are in unparalleled times with all the changes our employees have had to go through these past few months. Each of our local offices has prepared ways to warmly welcome colleagues back. The Bangkok offices, for example, have been giving away a “welcome back kit” with essentials like face mask and alcohol spray, together with a Thai touch on an Agoda-branded inhaler.

Flexibility is also included in the package. While many of us are so happy to be back as offices reopen, we also understand different conditions and concerns that make coming into the office not possible nor ideal for some individuals. Our managers are aware of that and open to discuss alternative working scenarios.

Signs and reminders in the offices

Everyone knows the drill

Besides infrastructural set-up, our Workplace team has gone the extra mile to ensure we all know what we need to do and remind us of the changes as we’re adapting to the new normal. We have guidelines published on an internal resource site, physical posters and infographics around the offices, and dedicated Safety Ambassadors ready to answer any questions and concerns on every floor.

Reduced meeting room capacity

Moving fast to keep up with dynamic information

The real complications lie in how we can still operate normally with the new regulations and conditions. As we execute everything mentioned above, we’re aware that there could be external factors that hold back efficiency. As a data-driven company, we’ve started to monitor and collect data about employee experience and concerns, from logging traffic during peak time periods to monitoring elevator crowdedness. The results should help any adjustment in policy and how we can support our employees’ experience even more.

As we continue to return to the offices and ensure the health and safety of our employees, Agodans are ready to continue to help people experience the world – let’s start by going local!

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