How working at Agoda inspires me to travel more

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When Aaron Moy first hopped on a 20-hour flight from New York to Bangkok two years ago, he never imagined that he’d be leading Agoda’s UX Research team in Bangkok in a few months. “Back then, I was just a curious traveler with no prospects to stay in Thailand long-term. What’s even more ironic is that I hadn’t even heard of the travel company, Agoda, at that time,” recalls Aaron.

But after a few short months, Aaron decided to begin his new journey with Agoda because he quickly fell in love with Bangkok and Southeast Asia. “As an American, I wasn’t educated much about the history and culture of Southeast Asian countries. Traveling around the Southeast Asia region for the first time opened my eyes, exposed me to the things that I’ve never seen or heard of, and eventually made me a much more empathetic and understanding person about the world,” shares Aaron.

“So far, I’ve traveled to 18+ countries across continents, from wild jungles of Borneo to vibrant cityscapes of Hong Kong. I’ve been researching how others travel while exploring different places and cultures myself, and I think that’s the biggest perk of working at Agoda. Traveling has now become my life, not just a passion or hobby.”

Do you love traveling like Aaron? Join us in Bangkok and work in an environment that inspires you to travel more.

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