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Agoda’s Tokyo office, strategically located near Ebisu Station, serves as a hub where technology and travel meet. Tokyo, a city where ancient temples stand alongside towering skyscrapers, offers a unique blend of the traditional and the ultra-modern. This duality mirrors Agoda’s approach to travel—honoring the beauty of discovery and connection with places and cultures. 

Here’s what you’ll explore in this article: 

  • The strategic significance of the office’s location and its influence on employee creativity. 
  • Insights into the culture and team dynamics within Agoda’s Tokyo office. 
  • An overview of the departments and roles that make up the Tokyo team, and range of professional development opportunities available at Agoda Tokyo 

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A healthy work-life balance

Agoda’s Tokyo office is a dynamic environment where team building, and wellness are deeply integrated into daily life. Team activities are complemented by office-wide initiatives like Wellness Days, in-office massages, and communal meals. The Agoda Tokyo team enjoys memorable experiences like dinner cruises and dinner parties in local restaurants. These efforts not only build team spirit but also reflect Agoda’s commitment to creating a supportive workplace culture.

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Behind the scenes: The people that power Agoda Tokyo 

Agoda Tokyo is home to our Supply Team, a dynamic group dedicated to building and maintaining strong relationships with hotel partners across Japan and beyond. This team is the backbone of our operation, ensuring that Agoda offers our global travelers the most competitive prices and the best selection of accommodations.  

With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to excellence, the Supply Team navigates the complex landscape of travel inventory with precision, leveraging data-driven strategies to anticipate market trends and secure advantageous deals. Their work is a delicate balance of negotiation and partnership, fostering trust with our providers while advocating for the needs of our customers. 

The collaborative spirit within our Tokyo office ensures that their insights and achievements amplify across departments. 

“In our Tokyo office, the Supply Team thrives on the city’s dynamic pace, translating it into opportunities that drive Agoda forward. It’s where our spirit of innovation meets Tokyo’s endless energy.”
– Satomi Nakabayashi (Country Director, Supply)  

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 Our Spaces: Practical. Productive. Peaceful.  

 Our Agoda Tokyo office’s location in Ebisu is ideal not just for its convenience but also for the lifestyle it offers our team. From the serene beauty of the Yebisu Garden Place to the lively alleys of Ebisu Yokocho, this environment inspires our team daily, reminding us of the essence of travel—discovery and delight. 

 The interior of Agoda Tokyo embodies the principles of minimalism and practicality. Designed with clean lines and an open layout, the workspace offers efficiency and clarity that shapes our approach to work. From ergonomic to smartly designed meeting areas that encourage collaboration, Agoda Tokyo’s office is purpose-built to enhance the work experience.
Agoda Yokohama office Agoda Yokohoma office Agoda Yokohama office
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