Life at Agoda: how we host Sports Day in different locations

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Sports Day at Agoda Bangkok

Sports, games, fun, party—what do you look for in a company’s Sports Day event?

Agoda operates in more than 20 locations across the world. Considering diversity, we leave it to each office on how they organize their activities and events. That’s how our bigger offices like Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Budapest and Singapore, have their own versions of sports day, while other locations have different team-building events. Find out more about our 2019 Sports Day events below!

Kuala Lumpur

Earliest on this year’s Sports Day calendar is our Malaysia team’s event. We went all outdoor for this year’s Sports Day. Our 1000+ employees were set up into seven teams. The event took place in an outdoor field where we could enjoy a lot of fun team activities like Caterpillar Race, Wheelbarrow Race, Fireman in Action, Tyre Stacking, Bicycle Polo, Wall Climbing, Zorbing, Tug-Of-War and Tyre Lift.

Colleagues also brought kids along and they got to play games with one another. And while it was hot outside during the day, we made sure to have ice cream supply to cool ourselves down.


It was the first year for our Singapore office to host a Sports Day and we decided to make it an Agoda Singapore Amazing Race. Yes, we voted for that!

80+ colleagues from all departments were randomly assigned to teams which then were given a mission to race around four stations across Central Singapore. At each stop, there are clues and challenges where teams needed to use their creativity and agility. Estimated step count was around 14,000 but apart from sweating, we also had fun solving challenges (exactly what Agodans love to do) and enjoyed team selfies all along the way.

The activities also gave our Singaporean and international colleagues from 17 different countries a chance to explore parts of this beautiful city that they had perhaps not discovered before, as well as to understand more about the diverse heritage of this island city-state.


In Budapest, our biggest base in Europe, we had a day out at a golf course with several activities colleagues could join. Depending on each person’s interest, one could learn how to play golf, attend yoga class, play volleyball, football, table tennis, badminton or games like table football and air hockey.

We also had bouncy castles and face painting ready for the kids. After a lunch feast, it was time for the Agoda Quiz before we closed the event with some raffles.


Sports Day has been a tradition for our biggest office in Bangkok for a few years, where all departments come together and kids can also have fun. 2000+ Agodans from every department were mixed and grouped into 4 teams, each with an assigned team leader. We sweated it off with sports like football and basketball first and got into fun games later in the day.

Each team sent representatives for each sport and game, where winning would give points to be accumulated at the end of the day. Besides sports, we competed on caterpillar race, bouncy castle jumps, chair ball and many more. We closed the event by each team’s performance before accumulating the point to find the winner.

The event was capped by the “after sports party” where we had fun with food, drinks and live music.

More photos from the Sports Day events

Zorbing at Agoda Kuala Lumpur’s Sports Day

Bicycle polo at Agoda Kuala Lumpur’s Sports Day

Tug-of-war at Agoda Kuala Lumpur’s Sports Day

Golf training at Agoda Budapest’s Sports Day

Yoga class at Agoda Budapest’s Sports Day

Volleyball game at Agoda Budapest’s Sports Day

Agoda Singapore’s Sports Day

Briefing at Agoda Singapore’s Sports Day

The winning team at Agoda Singapore’s Sports Day

Caterpillar race at Agoda Bangkok’s Sports Day

Purple team at Agoda Bangkok’s Sports Day

Basketball players from Green team at Agoda Bangkok’s Sports Day

Basketball game at Agoda Bangkok’s Sports Day

Green team performance at Agoda Bangkok’s Sports Day

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