Choose your own adventure: Agoda’s flexible benefits program

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Today’s employee benefits are about so much more than just health insurance and retirement savings. They’re essential to ensuring employees can thrive in work and in life. But one size doesn’t fit all: everyone has their own goals, ambitions, and needs. That’s why we offer Agoda Choice, a flexible benefits program that allows each employee to take ownership of their own development and well-being. Whether it’s health, fitness, learning, personal travel, or wellness, Agodans have the freedom to decide what they want to focus on – and get reimbursed for it.

Over the years, we’ve heard our colleagues’ stories of using their benefits to achieve different goals. From spa days and new eyeglasses to wine certification courses and hands-on classes, Agoda Choice not only enables us to do more but also sparks conversations on self-care and personal development.

Read on to see how these Agodans have made the most of Agoda Choice.


Murray Noraddin
Accommodation Services Manager

I decided to use my Agoda Choice to finally check off my bucket list item: skydiving. This adventure had been a long-time dream of mine, but fear held me back. Confronting those fears during the challenging experience only made me stronger, but it truly changed me. Part of my personal development involves stepping out of my comfort zone and skydiving perfectly aligns with that goal. It rewired my brain, proving I am capable of much more than I thought.

Skydiving can be on the pricier side, but with Agoda Choice, it became financially manageable. This support gave me the push I needed to make the decision and turn it into a memorable, once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Thai Cooking Class

Galuh Amaranggana
PR Project Specialist

Earlier this year, I relocated from the Agoda Kuala Lumpur office to Agoda Bangkok. After joining the community here, I wanted to strike a balance between keeping my Indonesian roots and embracing new cultures. Cooking has always been a source of comfort for me, offering a sense of home no matter where I am. As I adjusted to Thai culture, I used my Agoda Choice to take a Thai cooking class, where I learned to make my favorite dishes like tom yum, pad Thai, somtum, Thai green curry, and mango sticky rice. It truly felt like finding a home away from home! For other expats who are new to Thailand – this is a great way to get settled in and learn some handy new recipes.

Golf Lessons

Matthew Greenburg
Associate Director, Talent Acquisition

I’d played golf in the past but came back to it during COVID, when golfing was one of the few activities that was still open. When I went to the driving range, I realized that I had become terrible and could no longer hit a ball straight. I had no luck learning from YouTube tutorials, so I decided to start learning golf, thinking, “Why not? I have Agoda Choice, and I can get some fresh air doing something productive.” At first, I thought I would just take a few lessons, but it turned out that I had a bunch of Agoda Choice allowance left over, so I was able to book lessons and practice sessions using their indoor simulator.

Thanks to Agoda Choice, re-learning golf became not just a fun hobby, but a mental break and a way to unwind. Work can get stressful, but it always took my mind off those things, and I loved having a clear goal to focus on: improving my golf game. After using my Agoda Choice on golf lessons for the past few years, I’ve started using it for a gym membership and workout classes. Agoda’s support in staying active, exploring new skills and prioritizing a healthy lifestyle has kept me feeling balanced.

3D Graphics Classes

Boon Niamhom
Senior Motion Graphics Designer

When I first joined Agoda, I started taking 3D classes using Blender, a free-to-use software. In the Brand Design team, we wanted to incorporate more 3D elements into our work, and Blender turned out to be the perfect tool for the job. I’ve learned to make 3D models, add lights, and create animation. It’s been two years since I started, and there’s still so much more I want to learn. Learning 3D is like exploring a vast universe! Luckily, Agoda Choice makes my educational goals much more achievable.

Besides gaining new knowledge and skills, this has been a great opportunity to teach my fellow designers what I’ve learned, and I’ve gotten some awesome tips and tricks from them in return. I can confidently say that I’ve elevated my skills through this learning experience. As a designer, staying on top of design trends is crucial, especially with AI now making waves in our fields. For my fellow Agodans reading this, I recommend diving into arts and crafts – these hobbies are not only enjoyable, but they also boost emotional well-being. You might love it!

Thai Language Classes

Kate Yen
User Experience Researcher

I used my Agoda Choice to take Thai language classes. When I moved to Bangkok, I knew I wanted to learn Thai so that I could meet people, make deeper connections, and be able to explore corners of the country even when I’m by myself. I found out that my language school is popular with a lot of Agodans, too! After starting these classes, I’ve been able to have more conversations with non-English speakers. For example, I previously volunteered at an organization in Northern Thailand, back in 2017. At that time, I couldn’t communicate with the locals at all. Fast forward to this year, when I visited again, I was able to share with the aunties in the village that I work in Bangkok now and very briefly share what Agoda does.

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