Embracing Continuous Learning in Engineering at Agoda

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Continuous learning is essential for fostering a progressive engineering culture. This culture promotes innovation and equips engineers with the skills needed to embrace new technologies. So, what impact does continuous learning have on engineering culture? Evgeniy Zuykin shares how continuous learning has helped him grow in his career as a Software Engineering Lead. 

Improving Skills Through Learning

Since joining Agoda in October 2019, I’ve progressed from a Software Engineer to a Senior Engineering Lead, mainly due to my commitment to continuous learning. At Agoda, we value doing things the right way, which, for me, means constantly enhancing my knowledge and skills. Whether reading relevant books, listening to podcasts, or taking courses, learning is integral to navigating the complexities of modern software development.

A pivotal moment in my career was when our team faced a significant bottleneck due to a novel architectural decision. The resolution came through my engagement with a book on architectural design patterns, where I discovered the “scatter-gather” pattern. This solved our problem and reinforced the importance of continuous learning in effectively addressing real-world technical challenges.

Contribution to Projects

My dedication to continuous learning has enabled me to make substantial contributions to various projects, from enhancing customer experiences to optimizing our critical booking systems and developing in-house logs and metrics databases. Agoda encourages us to be scientists—experimenting and measuring the outcomes of our actions. This mindset allows engineers like me to think outside the box, bring innovative ideas to the table, and contribute to the development of groundbreaking solutions.

Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing

At Agoda, we have cultivated a rich developer community that thrives on knowledge sharing and collaboration. We engage in internal tech talks, participate in hackathons, and attend tech events that foster innovative thinking. These activities are crucial for senior engineers to exchange ideas, solve complex problems collaboratively, and stay abreast of industry trends.

In addition to fostering a dynamic community of learning, we also have access to online educational resources. This ensures that engineers at all levels have the tools they need to continue their professional development, mastering new skills in management, leadership, and beyond. 

Overcoming Challenges with a Learning Mindset

The journey of continuous learning is not without its challenges. The challenges are both tech and people related. We often encounter complex problems when integrating new features into existing systems, often requiring innovative trade-offs. The more daunting challenges are people-related, such as effectively planning sprints and quarters or facilitating the growth of team members. These situations require tailored solutions that reflect the specific dynamics of our teams.


Embrace continuous learning not just as a professional requirement but as a personal commitment to excellence and growth. At Agoda, we’re encouraged to always deepen our knowledge and ask questions, no matter how trivial they may seem. Often, it is the simplest questions that lead to the most innovative solutions. This approach to continuous learning is integral to maintaining our competitive edge and fostering an environment where engineers are empowered to grow.

About the Author

Evgeniy Zuykin is a Senior Engineering Lead at Agoda.

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