Work from Anywhere: How we support employees with Agoda’s Remote Work Program

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Agoda is powered by a love of travel and connection, bringing together employees from over 100 nationalities to our global offices. We thrive on collaboration, knowing that cutting-edge products come from diverse experiences, and a flexible work environment allows our employees to do their best work. As well as embracing hybrid work, we offer a Remote Work Program that enables regular employees to work remotely from anywhere worldwide for up to thirty calendar days per year over two instances.

This program started as a family reunification scheme. In early 2021, noticing that many employees had been unable to see their loved ones due to the pandemic, Agoda moved quickly to address this need, mobilizing several teams to support employee wellbeing. “I joined the team during COVID when the People team was trying to figure out how we could help employees. We decided to create a policy called International Family Reunion,” explains Panee Sitthimahachaikul (Global Mobility Specialist), who still oversees the Remote Work Program today.

This flexible leave scheme granted all eligible employees the chance to work remotely in their home country for a maximum of thirty days. It was designed to help overcome longer travel periods imposed by COVID-related travel regulations, such as mandatory quarantine, and allow our employees more time with family at home. Since then, it has evolved into the Remote Work Program, which helps Agodans travel, connect, and work from anywhere in the world. “We’re obviously here to work hard, but we also respect that employees have personal obligations, and this is Agoda’s way of meeting that need,” shares Victoria Chan (Global Mobility Specialist), who co-owns this initiative.

As the world of work continues to evolve, we do too. We’re constantly fine-tuning our approach, listening to employees’ feedback, and ensuring they have everything they need to work effectively. “Times have totally changed since COVID, and we’ve probably gone 10 or 20 years ahead of where we would’ve been, especially when it comes to employee wellbeing. Offering flexibility, empathy, and understanding is crucial, and will only grow more vital for companies in the future. At Agoda, we equip our teams with the essentials for productivity, from quality laptops to necessary tools. This extends to training managers for remote team leadership and supporting employees in maintaining their wellbeing,” says Lucy Taylor (Associate Director of Global Mobility).

Read on to see how our employees have used the Remote Work Program!

Cake Preawkamon

Senior BI Developer
Melbourne, Australia

“I was tired of my typical routine and needed a boost of positivity, and the Remote Work Program was the perfect solution. I wanted to change things up and try something new, so I headed to Melbourne. The city is very different from Bangkok in its atmosphere and way of life, which was just what I needed. I felt so energized by my new environment and could travel, work, and rest very happily. The weather was amazing, too – it was winter when I was there, which was a refreshing change from Thailand’s climate!

I wanted to make the most of my time abroad, so I also enrolled in an English language course. Because of the three-hour time difference, I could take classes in the morning and come home to start work in the afternoon. Working remotely required a higher level of organization and proactive communication to stay connected with my team. Still, it was similar to how we handle work-from-home days, so I had nothing to worry about. I did miss my big monitor back at home, though!”

Wan Xin Low

Leadership Development Program Manager
Redang Island, Malaysia

Redang is my favorite island because of its turquoise-colored sea, powdery sand, and amazing hospitality. I go there almost every year, though only for a few days at a time. I’ve dreamt about staying there for longer, but I can’t afford to take so many days of leave, so the Remote Work Program was a great way for me to make it happen. With my team’s support, I was able to work normally, and I checked with the resort about their Wi-Fi in advance to ensure I could take my scheduled meetings.

I was very motivated to finish work on time and enjoy my free time on the island: watching the sunrises, taking evening strolls, and reading at night while live music and laughter spread from the nearby pub. Beyond the beach, I wanted to explore the island’s forest and villages. I trekked for two hours alone, bathed in the serenity and lushness of the forest, and saw a mousedeer for the first time! Because I was there alone, it was easy to make friends with staff and other guests, and I even got to know some of the local villagers. Most importantly, I felt rejuvenated. I gained new perspectives on my life and the world, and that nourished my soul.

Kris Schimmel

Global PR Senior Manager
Amsterdam, the Netherlands

My first remote work trip was back home to the Netherlands. I’d bought tickets to see Coldplay in Amsterdam, and since the concert was during the European summer, it seemed like the perfect time to travel back home and spend time with friends and family. I shifted my work hours to accommodate the time difference, so I had to set my alarm a bit earlier, though it was still manageable. My workdays usually ended at 3 pm, so I could meet up with people or enjoy afternoon runs in my hometown.

One of the perks of relocating to Bangkok is the opportunity to see more of this part of the world, and the Remote Work Program allows me to do just that. By working remotely, I also get to properly experience the rhythm of the locations I visit and unlock layers that would remain hidden if I had just visited as a tourist. Next year, I plan to travel more within Asia using the program! 

Loai Shaker

Social Media Specialist
Cairo, Egypt and Tenerife, Spain

I first used the Remote Work Program to extend my time with family in my hometown of Cairo. I enjoyed quality time with my loved ones after work, and it was so funny to hear them whispering in the kitchen while making lunch, saying: “Lower your voice! He’s having a meeting in the other room!” Since then, I’ve traveled to many places, usually with family or friends.

Once I started using the program, my productivity improved significantly. The new environments left me feeling refreshed and motivated, and I enjoyed a healthy work-life balance. I spent some time working at the seaside, and whenever I’d start to feel stressed, I could just turn my head to look at the wide blue waters and breathe – best recharge ever! Most importantly, because of this program, I was able to spend time with my best friend while he was also working remotely. We worked together on his terrace by the sea, spent our meals and breaks together, and hung out in the evenings after our shifts. That friend passed away a few months later, and I’m so grateful that I was able to have that time with him.

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