Make Quarantine a little Merrier

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Agoda ASQ Care Pack: cookies, candies, flip calendar, notebook, coloring sheets, colored pencils, games

Staying in a hotel room for two weeks is not the best experience one would face, especially when they just move to a new country.

At Agoda, we bring in a lot of colleagues from countries across the globe to our biggest offices in Bangkok each year. And due to COVID-19, every person arriving in Thailand is required to stay in a State Quarantine, or in our case, Alternative State Quarantine for 15 days.

Our Onboarding team addressed that and initiated what we call the ASQ Care Pack—a package of little things to brighten up one’s quarantine. They also recently took a step further to work with the new hire’s team to make it more personalized.

We ask Agodans who received the ASQ Care Pack to describe how they feel. Here’s what they said:

“I started my Agoda journey earlier this month and soon after, I moved with my husband and son to Bangkok. Our Bangkok adventure has started with 15 nights of quarantine in an ASQ hotel. By the second or third day of quarantine, we had gotten used to the rhythm of life in the ASQ: breakfast – temperature check – lunch – temperature check – dinner – repeat.

But one of those first days, the bell rang, and it wasn’t at all what we expected – it was something SOOO much better! Agoda surprised us by sending us a care pack filled with all kinds of goodies to keep us happy and energized: My son has been busy for days with a puzzle. And with the elastic band received, I got the “push” needed to start exercising. We even got some Christmassy decorations to help us build a festive mood!

So, thank you, Agoda Onboarding Team! You gave a whole different meaning to “Secret Santa” for us.”

Alina Oprea, Associate Director, Global Mobility


“Moving to a new country and being instantly whisked away into isolation can be a little difficult. Which is why receiving the care package brough a big smile to both me and my wife’s faces. It was Agoda and the onboarding team basically saying, “a warm welcome home”. The items were thoughtful and targeted to our experience. Some things to keep our minds busy, a resistance band for physical activity, and some delicious cookies to give us a tasty treat. Nothing extravagant, but all super well thought out, like a gift from a loved one who knew exactly what you needed.”

Florian Dumont, Principal – Supply Optimization & Commercialization


“Loved the surprise! I received the ASQ Care Pack from the People team which included a flip calendar to keep a track of my quarantine period, resistance band, jigsaw puzzle, crosswords, Sudoku puzzles, Agoji coloring pages, colored pencils, and mouth-watering snacks to eat. And more interestingly online puzzle links, cool YouTube videos related to work out and basic dance steps, yoga, and stretching. Thank you very much for taking care of your new hires during their quarantine days so well.

This experience will definitely be cherished and remembered throughout my journey with Agoda.”

Shehnaz Khan, Disputes and Chargebacks Manager


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