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Life in Budapest is vibrant, filled with historical tales and culinary delights – think hearty goulash and sweet chimney cakes that mirror the warmth and welcome you’ll find in the Agoda work environment. From our doorstep, the city beckons, offering a world of experiences beyond the desk – essential for those keen on striking a healthy work-life balance.

In this article, we’ll explore the Agoda Budapest office, where career development is a journey that we embark on as a team. Whether you’re mixing it with the tech community or easing into after-hours beside the iconic river, here, we work hard, play hard, and live our passions.

Peek into the Agoda Budapest work culture, from forging dynamic technology careers to soaking up every cultural experience this city offers.


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The vibrant Agoda Budapest office

Imagine your workday beginning with a short walk from the bustling Nyugati Railway Station to the doors of Agoda’s Budapest office. Our neighborhood embodies the city’s energy – where history meets the present, and every street invites you to explore. For those looking to relocate, this part of the city is a blend of convenience and authentic Hungarian experiences. Commuting is a breeze, whether you drive, cycle, or walk. It’s a city where the pace is just right, not too fast or slow, perfect for balancing a rewarding career with a rich personal life.

Collaboration and job satisfaction are at the heart of our culture. Our recent refurbishment in late 2023 ensures comfort meets functionality, with cozy corners for coffee chats and fully stocked kitchens to refuel, share meals, and catch up. Welcoming breakout areas are perfect for recharging or brainstorming with your team. 

Life in Budapest

But life at Agoda is much more than just the office. Step outside, and the neighborhood treats you to a scene buzzing with cafes, bistros, and restaurants —a testament to Budapest’s status as a food lover’s paradise. Budapest welcomes you with open arms, offering the perfect setting for professional growth and enjoying life’s little moments—a true home away from home. 

A closer look at Agoda Budapest’s core teams 

Agoda Budapest teams

This office is a home base for our diverse teams, each with a unique expertise to bring to the table. It’s where careers in technology intersect with our shared love for travel and creating memorable experiences for our users. Let’s get to know the teams: 

  • The Customer Experience Group (CEG) is where service excellence meets technology. They’re our heroes behind the scenes, ensuring every user journey is smooth, enjoyable, and stress-free. A career here means becoming a pivotal part of someone’s travel story every day. 
  • Partner Services is the team dedicated to nurturing business relationships. With keen insights and a collaborative approach, they work closely with our hotel partners, helping them succeed on our platform and ensuring that our users always get the best deals. 
  • The Foreign Languages team showcases Agoda’s global reach, a group of linguists easing communication across borders. They ensure that all our customers have a world-class experience with Agoda, regardless of the language they speak.

Whether you’re passionate about customer service, excel in partner management, or have a knack for languages, there’s a place for you here. At Agoda Budapest, each role is a chance to contribute to industry-leading projects in a city that’s as multifaceted as the work you’ll do.

Are you keen to explore which team aligns with your goals? Check out our openings and start envisioning your life at Agoda. 

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Celebrating and collaborating at Agoda Budapest

Agoda Budapest team-building

We believe that a thriving workplace starts with building a supportive community. Our Budapest team embodies this philosophy with fun happenings that bring Agodans together. 

These include team-building activities, creative events like carnival mask-making and pottery sessions, and simple joys like Valentine’s Day card exchanges. Our events are more than breaks from our day-to-day; they’re opportunities to connect as a team.

In addition to quarterly team lunches and dinners, our office breakfasts add a flavorful start to our Work from Office weeks, fostering camaraderie over coffee and pastries.

Our annual outdoor sports event sees the team bringing out our competitive spirit.  And it wouldn’t be Agoda without our yearly staff party, also known as Agodafest, where the year’s hard work culminates in celebrating our achievements, our culture, and, most importantly, our people.

But our sense of community goes beyond celebrations. It extends to the heart of Budapest through our volunteer work animal shelters and community clean-up initiatives, where we give back to the city that gives us so much.

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