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Head of Experimentation - Product

Bangkok, Thailand

Experimentation is at the core of Agoda’s culture and has always been the secret to our success. It’s impossible to overstate the importance of experimentation to Agoda in terms of contribution to our overall strategy, core business optimization, and resource allocation. Experimentation is responsible for linear improvements in practices and processes, to help the entire company become ever more efficient

The Head of Experimentation will work with a team of data scientists for advanced research, and engineers to execute their vision end-to-end all the while being responsible from the research phase all the way through to execution.

You will need to understand various ecommerce metrics and concepts across all functions very well – conversion, revenue, profit, repeat rates, ROI, site performance metrics, and behavioral metrics.

A successful Head of Experimentation will:

  • change or enhance Senior Management’s understanding of our business
  • drive corporate strategy through continuous insights
  • improving our systems and practices in experiment-heavy product teams such as pricing, bidding and frontend
  • be responsible for further establishing an experiment-driven culture
  • introducing experimentation to include more parts of the business such as supply, internal platforms, payments, customer service and others.

This role requires strong communication skills particularly upward with C-level management, as well as into the product organization since changing product KPIs, best practices, and day-to-day life will be commonplace. In summary, the Head of Experimentation can expect to work on the cutting edge of technology, big, very-big, and not-so-big data, algorithmic decision-making – all while driving change at a fast-paced, rapid growth tech company.

This position is based in Bangkok and open to candidates worldwide. We will assist you with visa and relocation package, ensuring a smooth transition to working and living in Bangkok


  • Leading company-wide product innovation in experimentation
  • Help Senior Management in key decisions regarding investment, resource allocation, and strategy
  • Defining KPIs for all projects and evaluating the success of teams and product verticals
  • Evaluating risks and tradeoffs associated with each course of action
  • Working closely with users to ensure all projects meet business needs.


  • Extremely comfortable with data. Proven ability to leverage analytics and quantitative methods to inform and influence decision-making, be able to write complex SQL queries.
  • Entrepreneurial and analytical; effective at driving and managing change in a fast-moving and constantly evolving business
  • Knowledge & understanding of statistics. The ability to challenge & drive high performance from data scientists
  • Experience implementing innovative ideas or products in complex organization
  • Experience working in a fast-paced and high growth environment
  • Enthusiasm to develop engineered processes and technologies and to apply innovative solutions to make organizational improvements while encouraging creative thinking and innovation
  • Exact science degree – a must
  • Advanced degrees in exact science – advantage 
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