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Data Scientist - NLP/Chatbot

Singapore, Singapore

Working Location: Singapore

We’re Hiring Data Scientist – NLP/Chatbot

Agoda is a Booking Holdings (BKNG) company, the world’s leading provider of brands that help people book great experiences through technology. We have the dynamism and short chain of command of a startup and the capital to make things happen. What’s stopping you from getting in touch?

We move fast – why wait ages to see your ideas go live?  Work on tough challenges, safe in the knowledge that you are surrounded by people as smart as you are (if not smarter!) to help solve them.  And while we’re on the subject, Agoda people come from over 65 countries:  It’s an incredible technical creative melting pot. 

Technology is not just what we do – it’s at the heart of who we are.  We put cutting-edge technology in your hands so you can help us change the way people run their lives. We want you to come here so they can get there – and get your career going places, too.

Maintaining this growth requires an incredible amount of data, a superior IT infrastructure, and world class talent to bring it all together.

Your role is to:

  • Crack our business problems and come up with deployable machine learning models
  • Interface with business, product first mentality, come up with ideas
  • Sift through our data, find us some gems, be able to defend and explain those to business
  • Be a world-class hands-on deploy master

Charm us with:

  • An earned stripes in coding, in data handling, in statistics and in machine learning (3-5 years of hands-on working or research experience)
  • A good balance between theory and practice and a strong desire to learn and keep up with the latest technologies
  • An academic quantitative degree (preferably a PhD), OR strong research background
  • A good knowledge of what’s “Under the hood” of statistical methods
  • Coding, coding, coding (R, Python, C#, Java, C++, Scala, …)
  • Some extra points on: SQL, NLP, business acumen, blog writing, good sense of humor

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